When the Muse Hits

Thank you for visiting sadeonline.com. We enjoy writing about different products and activities – really, anything that we’re drawn to when the muse or inspiration strikes. For example, the other day I was watching some guy fishing in this stream nearby – but it seemed so darned shallow that I couldn’t figure out what the heck he could actually be catching, especially in the fall when the water is getting colder.

Then it occurred to me that maybe he was just kind of in this “zen” moment and just getting away from it all. Who knows, maybe he had a tough day at the office or something and it was one of those, “a bad day fishing beats a good day at work” types of days.

Anyway, that’s the type of thing I’m talking about – we’ll jot our thoughts down about stuff that piques our interest. Come back soon because you never know what we’re going to write about!